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Partnering with Karger

Your goals are our inspiration: We form unique partnerships with societies to serve your mission and communities, responding to your society’s and community’s needs, and facilitating the exchange of scientific Information. This is Karger in a nutshell.

We have high standards and are one of the few STM (scientific, technical, medical) publishers with an exclusive focus on biomedicine for more than 130 years.

Your Benefits

The mission of Karger Publishers is to provide services covering each and every area of the knowledge cycle in health sciences. This knowledge cycle includes both research and its subsequent clinical implementation as well as health care professionals and patients.

Extensive experience and international network of cooperation and affiliations with around 100 societies/associations, as well as many medical schools and learning hospitals worldwide

Fast decision-making processes and expertise in running publications with commercial success

Personal and competent contacts as well as strategic consulting and support

A customized approach to providing your society and members with personalized support and service-oriented experience

Global awareness and visibility of your society and your society’s work and publications

New services (e.g. e-learning platform for young scientists or use of Artificial Intelligence in scientific literature search)

Products & Services

We are your sparring partner in health sciences. Find out how we can be of help for you and your members.

Publishing Options

Increase distribution, readership, and citations.

Karger Content Packages

Access any Karger content in the core field of interest at attractive conditions.

Education & E-Learning Courses

Benefit from a broad offering of interactive formats based on your content.

Optional Services for Your Society

Additional optional services to showcase and promote your society.

Cooperation Models

We offer a wide range of cooperation options that are tailored to the individual needs and requirements of your society. We provide flexible solutions with special conditions and a set of customized services: From individual publication partnerships which can be the publication of supplement issues or conference abstracts, to journal affiliations which can include the "official organ" status, to Partner Portals and Partner Publications.

Partner Societies & Associations

This is a selection of our Partner Societies:

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