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Authors, reviewers, Editorial Board members – the list of contributing experts along the research cycle is long. Karger Publishers appreciates the work of all involved in the process of submitting, reviewing, publishing, and promoting a paper. Learn more on how we recognize our researchers.

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Publishing Process

Open Access Publishing

Open Access allows everyone, everywhere to read articles, which provides benefits for all communities - including the potential for increased citations and recognition of authors’ work. Learn more about our Open Access submission process.

Peer Review Process

Independent researchers with relevant expertise assess submitted manuscripts to help the individual journal Editors determine whether a manuscript should be published in the journal. The peer review process confirms the validity and ensures the scientific accuracy of published articles. Learn more on how does it work.

Calls for Papers

See the latest calls for papers from our extensive journal range. Highlight your research and enhance its visibility to your field and community by submitting to one of our journals.

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Publishing Cooperations

Sponsored Publications

Sponsor Karger publications for key opinion leaders and clinicians or any other community, e.g. for participants at conferences.

Partner Publications

Partner Publications are Platinum Open Access journals published in partnership with academic research institutions, societies, government bodies, research funders, companies and organizations in health research.

Partner Portals

Partner Portals are platinum Open Access journal sections managed by individual research organizations that increase the global visibility and recognition of their scientific research.

PACS - Publish · Access · Curate · Services

We connect and advance Health Sciences in partnership with academic and research institutions.

Case Reports

Karger’s Case Report journals are peer-reviewed, Open Access journals that publish original case studies. The journals will also consider case reports related to the use of novel technologies, both in the area of diagnosis and treatment. With this forum, clinicians and researchers communicate their observations to broad audience in the community.

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