Find all information about the Karger publishing program, our price list and downloadable journal and book lists as well as useful information about topics such as compliancy, archiving, and the handling of data.

Administration of Online Subscriptions

You can – and should – change the password and User ID (User Name) we issued to you as soon as possible for security reasons and to make life easier for yourself and the users of your library. Use the Admin Login to change user ID and/or password. Please note that you will need the original, Karger-issued User Name to authorize any changes.

RSS Feeds

Our RSS Feeds provide regular and automatic updates of the 20 last published articles and enable direct access. Find out and inform your users about how to subscribe to our RSS Feeds.


The Karger Bulletin is a quarterly information service on newly released and forthcoming Karger titles. It helps you keep up-to-date with the latest Karger book publications, supplements, and special topic issues.


Special pricing is available for library consortia and commercial organizations. Please contact our with your wishes and requirements.

COUNTER Compliancy

Karger Publishers is COUNTER Compliant. COUNTER, an acronym for Counting Online Usage of Networked Electronic Resources, is a multi-agency initiative to develop an internationally accepted standard to consistently measure the usage of online information products. It is actively supported by the international community of librarians and publishers, and by their professional organisations. Karger offers interactive online usage statistics as well as COUNTER compliant statistics to institutional subscribers. To access your institution's online usage statistics, please .


As a member of CrossRef, Karger assigns digital object identifiers (DOIs) to all its published works and deposits them in the CrossRef database. The DOI is a unique and persistent identifier that faciliates the identification and linking location of source material on the Internet.
For more information on CrossRef and the DOI visit CrossRef.

Dark Archives: Portico

Karger participates in Portico to meet the long-term archiving and post-cancellation needs of your library. To find out more about Portico and membership for your library visit Portico

HINARI Initiative

Karger offers low and middle income countries online access to journal content under the WHO's HINARI Access to Research in Health Program. According this program, eligible nations are granted free or very low cost access to research material. Visit HINARI for full information on registration and access to content.

Karger Collections and Packages

Karger offers online collections combining titles across specialties and formats specifically to meet the diverse needs and requirements of libraries in clinical centers, the academia and the industry. These collections provide attractive packages with virtually unlimited options to combine and select according to individual budgets and fields of interest.
Have a look at our Online Collections, Subject Packages and Topic Article Packages or get in touch with us for a tailored quote.

KBART Files for Journal and Books

All Karger journal and book content is accessible via context sensitive OpenURLs using the KBART (Knowledge Bases and Related Tools) standard. Journal content is Source enabled. Book content is Target enabled.

Accessing your institutional subscriptions using the OpenURL standard requires registration with Karger and with your link resolver service provider.

To register with Karger, please e-mail your Base URL and a .gif image file of your institution's logo to . To register with your link resolver service provider, contact them to report your holdings and provide Karger's KBART file.

Updated monthly, the KBART file for all Karger collections is available for download.

Online and Print Book Orders

Almost all Karger books are available individually online or in print format. Prices for both formats can be found on our homepage and in our new catalogues.
When ordering Karger book titles in the different formats, please bear the following in mind:
  1. Completion of a site license agreement is required with first-time orders for Karger online products (including individual eBooks). If you use an order form directly on the Karger website, the site license agreement is included.
  2. For all other order submissions please complete our online license separately which we will file together with the order we receive from your agent. To enable us to match your license with your order, please indicate your library's address with your eBooks order. (Unless there are changes in the IP address information or the number of users/sites gaining access, you are not required to submit the site license again with further online orders.)
  3. Standing orders may be placed for both formats (print or online).
  4. As for all Karger online products, online access is guaranteed for a minimum of five years, while perpetual access is an extra option; for details please refer to our 'Access Policy for Karger Online Products' below.
  5. Karger eBooks are included in in our eBook Collections, and preferential terms are available for institutional customers.
Orders can be placed at any bookstore, subscription agent or directly with Karger Publishers at .

Open Access

Karger Publishers is dedicated to accelerating a sustainable transition to Open Access, building on the power of Open Science to maximize effective, efficient, and open scholarly communications. Find out how we can help Open Access work for you.

Open Science

Embracing and accelerating Open Access and Open Science are an anchor of Karger’s strategy and commitment to connecting and advancing health sciences. Find out more about the steps we are taking to help researchers, institutions and other stakeholders maximize their impact and benefit from Open Science.

Open URL

Karger journal articles are OpenURL Source enabled.
Karger book chapters are OpenURL Target enabled using the DOI number. For example: /?doi=000316897.
Please contact your OpenURL link resolver to register your holdings. If you require linking syntax information for Karger titles, please .
For more information on technology and application, please see the CrossRef's OpenURL FactSheet and their OpenURL resolver or the OpenURL and SFX Overview by ExLibris.
For your individual linking needs, please with details of your requirements.

Price List per E-Mail

Let us know with this Order Form if you prefer to receive the Karger Price List in future by e-mail. You can also use it to unsubscribe.

Reference Linking

All references in Karger journal and book articles are linked to external resources locatable on the Web. Reference linking facilitates a deeper research experience by allowing online readers to follow the citation trail of an author to the work they have cited. Cited-by linking allows the online researcher to jump to articles that have cited the work they are currently reading.

Karger references are linked to and from the highly populated PubMed database. Outbound references are resolved via the powerful CrossRef link resolver. Reference links are on all HTML formatted pages and embedded into the article's PDF file. Cited-by links are located on the Abstract and Aarticle level.

Users can also take advantage of related article links, which employ semantic tools to display articles of similar subject. Related article links are displayed on the Abstract and Article level.

Retrodigitized Archives

Karger Journal Archive Collection
The complete Karger journal program from 1997 back to each title's first year has been digitized and is available online in subject packages. For details and introductory offers please go to our eJournal Archive Collection page.

Karger Book Archive Collection
To mark the occasion of Karger Publishers' 125th anniversary, we have digitized all book titles from 1996 back to 1890 in online in subject packages. For details and introductory offers please go to our eBook Archive Collection page.

Access to Archive Articles
You have direct online access to all journals of the Journal Archive Collection back to their very first issue. The article PDFs, based on scanned paper originals, fully indexed and searchable, can be purchased on a pay-per-view basis by credit card as any other article. Where stock allows, order forms for printed issues have been added as well.

Subject Guide

The Karger Journals and Book Series Subject Guide (PDF) reflects all subjects as well as special fields Karger serial publications currently cover and complements thus the online field-by-field Subject Guide.

SUSHI Protocol

The Standardized Usage Statistics Harvesting Initiative (SUSHI) protocol is a NISO standard that facilitates the systematic downloading of institutional online usage statistics. This Standard defines an automated request and response model for the harvesting of electronic resource usage data utilizing a Web services framework that can replace the manual collection of usage reports.
To harvest Karger online usage statistics using SUSHI, please visit SushiService Service.

SUSHI administrators please note: the Requestor ID in the protocol is the same as the institution's Customer ID with Karger. Please direct questions regarding usage statistics harvesting to .
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