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Find all information about the Karger publishing program and the order process as well as the contact information of the person in charge of congresses and special promotions.


The Karger Bulletin is a quarterly information service on newly released and forthcoming Karger titles. It helps you keep up-to-date with the latest Karger book publications, supplements, and special topic issues.


If you are organizing a book and journal display at a conference and our publication program tallies with the conference topics, please contact our with the necessary details. We would be happy to send you a pre-selection of relevant titles.

RSS Feeds

Our RSS Feeds provide regular and automatic updates of the 20 last published articles and enable direct access. Find out and inform your users about how to subscribe to our RSS feeds.

Information Service

We can provide you with detailed information on new releases in any field/specialty as well as our catalogues. Just contact our .

Online and Print Book Orders

Almost all Karger books are available individually online or in print format. Prices for both formats can be found on our homepage and in our new catalogues.
When ordering Karger book titles in the different formats, please bear the following in mind:
  1. Completion of a site license agreement is required with first-time orders for Karger online products (including individual eBooks). If you use an order form directly on the Karger website, the site license agreement is included.
  2. For all other order submissions please complete our online license separately which we will file together with the order we receive from your agent. To enable us to match your license with your order, please indicate your library's address with your eBooks order. (Unless there are changes in the IP address information or the number of users/sites gaining access, you are not required to submit the site license again with further online orders.)
  3. Standing orders may be placed for both formats (print or online).
  4. As for all Karger online products, online access is guaranteed for a minimum of five years, while perpetual access is an extra option; for details please refer to our 'Access Policy for Karger Online Products' above.
  5. Karger eBooks are included in in our eBook Collections, and preferential terms are available for institutional customers.
Orders can be placed at any bookstore, subscription agent or directly with Karger Publishers at .

Price List per E-Mail

Let us know with this Order Form if you prefer to receive the Karger Price List in future by e-mail. You can also use it to unsubscribe.

Special Promotion

If you are planning special promotional activity, we can supply you with leaflets on individual titles or fields for your mailings, or with posters for certain titles. Our can tell you more.

Subject Guide

The Karger Journals and Book Series Subject Guide (PDF) reflects all subjects as well as special fields Karger serial publications currently cover and complements thus the online field-by-field Subject Guide.
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