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Cardiovascular System

Advances in Pharmacotherapy for Arrythmia

The Cardiology journal aims to bring together in this article collection research articles, review articles as well as brief reports presenting and discussing advances in the use of pharmacotherapy for management and/or treatment of inherited arrhythmia syndromes or acquired arrythmias.

Topics of particular interest are:
- Pharmacotherapy in atrial fibrillation
- Pharmacotherapeutic support in arrhythmia devices
- Prevention of sudden cardiac death by drug therapy
- Pharmacotherapy in ventricular ectopy
- Choice of antiarrhythmic drugs in inherited arrhythmia syndromes
- Off-target pro-arrhythmic effects of non-cardiovascular drugs
- Criteria for cardiac safety of drugs
- Post-ablation Pharmacotherapy

Please mention the Call for Paper in your Cover Letter when submitting.

Cardiology is a Transformative Journal and supports Open Access publications. Corresponding authors can publish Open Access articles at no or reduced cost, if they are associated with or employed by one of these universities.

Submit Now Author Guidelines
Professor Dan Atar
Oslo University Hospital, Oslo, Norway
Submission Deadline
December 31, 2022
Journal Metrics
Impact Factor: 2.342
CiteScore: 2.6
Acceptance Rate: 9%
Time to first decision: 13 days


A Global Source of Information to Stay on Top of Scientific Developments

The Dubai Diabetes and Endocrinology Journal is a peer-reviewed open access journal that welcomes original contributions on all aspects of diabetes, endocrinology and metabolism. The focus of the journal lies on the publication of papers in morphological, biochemical, physiological, pathophysiological, and clinical research.

You are invited to contribute to this journal by submitting your research article, review articles, systematic review, case reports, letter or commentary.

Submit Now Author Guidelines
Fatheya Al Awadi Dubai Health Authority, Dubai, UAE
Email: ffAlawadi@dha.gov.ae
Editorial Office
Nada Alshamsi Dubai Health Authority, Dubai, UAE
Email: nhAlshamsi@dha.gov.ae
Journal Metrics
Impact Factor: 2.342
CiteScore: 2.6
Acceptance Rate: 33%
Time to final decision: 7 weeks
Time manuscript received to accepted: 19 weeks

COVID-19, Hormones and Brain

In the pathogenesis and the progression of COVID-19, Involvement of gender (sex hormones), secosteroids (Vitamin D), glucocorticoids (used for therapy, but also since altered by stress of the disease), together with other nonsteroidal hormones, and neuroendocrine pathways are recognized as critical pathophysiological factors.

A pioneer issue of Neuroimmunomodulation is now dedicated to “COVID-19, Hormones and Brain”. It will show an article collection on this topic from basic and clinical science, that helps to understand this fundamental aspect.

Potential authors are invited to submit articles that will be rapidly peer reviewed. The article should demonstrate crosstalk between hormones and viral infection in the context of COVID-19.

Please mention the Call for Paper in your Cover Letter when submitting.

Submit Now Author Guidelines
Professor Rainer H. Straub
University Hospital, Laboratory of Experimental Rheumatology and Neuroendocrine Immunology, Regensburg, Germany
Guest Editor
Maurizio Cutolo, University of Genova, Genova, Italy
Submission Deadline
January 30, 2023
Journal Metrics
Impact Factor: 2.795
CiteScore: 4.1
Acceptance Rate: 46%
Time to final decision: 10 weeks

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General Medicine

Edited in Dubai with an International Perspective

The Dubai Medical Journal has the mission to encourage innovative science by promoting original scientific research in the fields of medicine, health sciences, nursing and pharmaceuticals in addition to topics related to ethics and complementary medicine.

You are invited to contribute to the journal by submitting research articles, review articles, systematic reviews, meta analysis, meeting reports, and discussions.

Submit Now Author Guidelines
Wadeia Sharief Dubai Health Authority, Dubai, UAE
Email: wmAbdulRahim@dha.gov.ae
Editorial Office
Bakheet Beshtawy Dubai Health Authority, Dubai, UAE
Email: bsBeshtawy@dha.gov.ae
Journal Metrics
Acceptance Rate: 36%

Public Health

To Enable Policy Making and Healthcare Systems Research in the Kingdom

The Saudi Journal of Health Systems Research is a peer-reviewed, Open Access online journal that invites you to publish your research free of charge. It is the official publication of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Health and the Ministry’s voice to the global scientific community. The journal aims to publish up-to-date research articles and opinions in the field of:

- Health systems and administration
- Healthcare law, policies, quality assurance, and ethics
- Healthcare financial sustainability and economics
- Healthcare resource planning and management
- Patient advocacy and safety
- Digital Health

Manuscripts covering these topics submitted in the form of original research articles, case reports, guidelines and brief reports are welcome.

Submit Now Author Guidelines
Saja Almazrou
King Saud University, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Email: salmazrou@ksu.edu.sa
Journal Metrics
Acceptance Rate: 31%
Time to first decision: 7 days
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