Find all the necessary information about the publishing process at Karger. Our teams of experienced product managers, production editors and editorial staff will guide you expertly through the submission, publication and dissemination of your research article. For detailed information and queries on specific topics please refer to the contact details on each journal's homepage.

Ahead of Print: Online-First Journals

Virtually all Karger journal articles are published online first, so they are available for readers online and fully citable shortly after their authors' approval to print. Ahead of Print articles from Medline-indexed journals will be searchable in PubMed soon after online publication.

Author's ChoiceTM

Author's Choice is an option that lets authors decide how to distribute their articles: either via the classic subscription model or with Open Access rights for online usage.

Author's Discount

A published paper in a Karger book or journal entitles you to a special Author's Discount of currently 35% on all our book publications. Just mention your status as an author when you order directly from us.

Calls for Papers

See the latest calls for papers from our extensive journal range.


As a member of CrossRef, Karger utilizes Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) in bibliographic data to facilitate unique and persistent identification of research material. Journal article citations contain reference links to source material located on the World Wide Web, when available.

Errors in Medline

We take great care to send Medline/PubMed appropriately encoded data and double-check the spelling of names, particularly with regard to accents and signs not covered by HTML. Despite these efforts, conversion errors can occur.
If the mistake is only in Medline, please go to the Reporting Errors Section of PubMed FAQs for instructions.
If the mistake also shows up on the Karger site and/or in the printed journal, or use the Error Report form. Please state journal name, volume, issue and page numbers as well as the DOI number if the article has not yet been printed, as well as article title and the nature of the error.

External Language Editing Services

Several experienced companies provide professional language editing services to authors around the globe. Authors may wish to use such services to improve a paper's English and, therefore, its overall quality. This assistance is suggested either before an article is submitted for peer review or before it is accepted for publication.

External editing services provide expert editors in a wide variety of fields. They will check an author's manuscripts not only for terminology and language specific to the author's field of expertise but also for proper English usage, grammar, punctuation, spelling, verb tense, and phrasing. In addition, professional editors make sure the text sounds natural and that sentences are well constructed.

Enago Editing Services
Karger has collaboration with Enago, world-leading provider of author services to offer language-editing service for manuscripts, abstracts and thesis. Karger authors can choose from a range of editing services and get their manuscripts edited by Enago’s professional native-English medical editors – MD/PhD qualified with an average experience of 19.4 years.

Authors who wish to use this service will receive 10% discount on all editing services. To know more or get a quote visit Enago.

How to Achieve Maximal Awareness of Your Article

Karger ensures that your publication will be seen by its target readership. To achieve maximal awareness of your publication, we suggest you to take the following steps:
  • Update your online CV and website by including the complete citation of your publication
  • Inform your institute's library that your article/book has been published so that it may be added to the list of publications they maintain
  • Include your publication in the suggested reading list of the courses you teach
  • Post a link to your publication on your social media sites or share it using the ‘Recommend this’ buttons next to your publication at
    • We have created a visual you can use when communicating your published article with Karger Publishers on social media. Here you will find the appropriate format of the visual for Twitter and Facebook (also suitable for LinkedIn). Don’t forget to tag us in your posts.
      Twitter (jpg, 90 KB)
      Facebook (jpg, 168 KB)
    • 5 tips for promoting your article on social media channels
      1. Determine who your audience is and on which social media channel you can best reach them
      2. Think about your message: what is new, different, or exciting about your research?
      3. Use hashtags: tweets with hashtags get more engagement than tweets without
      4. Mentions: mention relevant people directly in your posts- people who contributed to your research, people you think may find your research helpful/relevant etc.
      5. As Twitter only allows 280 characters, you can save more characters for your message by shortening the links to the article website. You can use to create shortened redirect links
  • Cite your article in future publications

Library Recommendation

Recommend Karger publication(s) as a valuable addition to your library’s content collection.
If you would like your library to add a Karger product to their content collection please complete the .

NIH-Funded Research

The U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) mandate under the NIH Public Access Policy that final, peer-reviewed manuscripts appear in the PMC digital database within 12 months of the publication date. As a service to our authors, Karger will submit your manuscript on your behalf to PMC (formerly PubMed Central) upon publication. For those selecting our premium Author's ChoiceTM service, the usual 12-month embargo will be overridden, accelerating the accessibility of your work.
More details are available on the NIH's Public Access Policy page.

Open Access

Karger Publishers is dedicated to accelerating a sustainable transition to Open Access, building on the power of Open Science to maximize effective, efficient, and open scholarly communications. Find out how we can help Open Access work for you.

Open Science

Embracing and accelerating Open Access and Open Science are an anchor of Karger’s strategy and commitment to connecting and advancing health sciences. Find out more about the steps we are taking to help researchers, institutions and other stakeholders maximize their impact and benefit from Open Science.

Peer Review Process

What is peer review and how does it work? Learn more about peer review.

Publishing Projects

We have the capacity and publishing expertise to disseminate scientific information worldwide, either as part of one of our book series, as an independent book or as a special journal issue. Send our experienced Head of Editorial Development an outline of your project and Karger will contact you with an offer tailored to your specific needs.

Queries on Submitted Papers

If you have a question about a paper you have submitted to one of our journals, please contact us via the journal's homepage. For general matters .

Reference Linking

All references in Karger journal articles (html fulltext) are linked to external resources such as
  • PubMed/Medline (NLM)
  • CrossRef (DOI)
  • Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS)
  • Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (CSA)
  • ISI Web of Science
As of 2005, the PDF journal articles have the same citation links embedded. To experience the PDF Plus technology, see this sample article.

Reference Management

Use of EndNote is recommended for easy management and formatting of citations and reference lists.


Order forms and a price list are sent along with article proofs. Orders submitted after the issue is printed are subject to considerably higher prices; please contact the . To receive a PDF Author's Copy of your article, please and include the complete article reference.

Researcher Engagement & Recognition

Authors, reviewers, Editorial Board members – the list of contributing experts along the research cycle is long. Karger Publishers appreciates the work of all involved in the process of submitting, reviewing, publishing, and promoting a paper. Engage with Us and Get Recognized.


Karger permits authors to archive their accepted manuscripts on their personal or institution's servers, provided the following conditions are met: articles may not be used for commercial purposes, must acknowledge the publisher's copyright and must be linked to the publisher's version at the Karger website. Authors selecting Karger's Author's ChoiceTM service are also permitted to archive the final, published version of their articles, which includes copyediting and design improvements as well as citation links.


For more information visit our Submission page.
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