How do I log into my account/MyKarger with a user ID and password?

You can log in on our website. Once you are registered as a Karger customer (private, institutional, or pay-per-view customer) an account is being generated for you. In order to log in, please use the following link: and use your login credentials, provided to you by e-mail. If you experience any difficulties in accessing your account or if you cannot remember your login credentials, please reset your password.

If your institution and their IP addresses are already registered with us, you might not have to go through the login process. Your institution’s name will then appear in the top right corner of our website, and direct access will be granted without a login.

How can I get access using Open Athens/Shibboleth?

Use the login button in the upper right corner of our website. Then, a drop-down menu will open and you can choose your location to access Open Athens/Shibboleth. In order to register in our system, please send your institution’s Open Athens/Shibboleth ID to the with the subject line ‘Open Athens/Shibboleth registration’.

How can I get access through my website’s referrer link (societies and their members only)

In case your society is linked through a referrer page, please contact the person responsible at the society. Since referrer pages are always linked to a secured members' area, you will first have to log in using your society login credentials, which are provided by the society itself.

If you do not know who to contact, please send an e-mail to .

How can I access the admin section of my company/institution?

In order to access your institution’s admin section, please click on the following link and enter your admin password:

If you have forgotten your password, please .

How can I get online access to a purchased print subscription?

In general, online access is NOT included in any print purchases. Please contact our Front Office to receive quotes on online upgrades at reduced prices once you/your institution has a standing print subscription.

How can I get access to Karger articles?

There are four ways to get a Karger article, which you will find under the tab Get Article of the selected product.

1) You can Buy an article as a FullText and/or a PDF. You will receive unlimited re-access via MyKarger, unrestricted printing and no saving restrictions for personal use.
2) You can use our special offer, the Karger Article Bundle (KAB), and profit from a discount.
3) You can Rent via ReadCube and view it for a period of 48 h. Printing and saving restrictions apply.
4) You can Subscribe with access to all articles of the subscribed year(s) guaranteed for 5 years. You will get unlimited re-access via Subscriber Login or MyKarger, unrestricted printing options and no saving restrictions for personal use.

Why can I only access certain articles of a journal/why can I not access all years of a journal?

An annual journal subscription covers all volumes assigned to the respective year of publication. You cannot access volumes outside of the year you subscribed to. You can find detailed information about subscription years and their assigned volumes on the homepage of each journal. If you have any further questions, please .

Purchase & Payment

How can I issue a payment?

Payment Instructions

Direct Debit Procedure (PDF), for EU-based customers only

Where can I find information about my orders?

For any information regarding your orders please contact our .

How do I rent online content?

Our rental options are a read-only alternative to accessing content outside of your subscription at a reduced price. The ReadCube rental option lets you read content on-screen with the option of time-limited or perpetual access. ReadCube is a desktop- and browser-based program by Digital Science that enables researchers to read, manage, and discover research papers.

To rent an article or chapter on our website, simply click the rental option under the purchase tab on the Table of Contents webpage. You will be directed to ReadCube to execute your transaction. The application is available for desktop (PC and Mac) and mobile devices (Android and iOS).

Rental options are also available via our online permission tool RightsLink. For more information and instructions visit the Content Rental section of Rights & Permissions.

What is the Karger Article Bundle (KAB)?

The Karger Article Bundle (KAB) gives you the opportunity to purchase five articles at a reduced price. With the purchase of the KAB, a credit will be made to your account, which remains valid for the download of five articles of your choice.
For further information please go to

What happened to my Pay-per-View account?

The Pay-per-View account has been replaced by the Karger Article Bundle (KAB). Any remaining credit you may have will be applied to your future article downloads.
For further information please go to

How can I buy an article or book chapter?

Please go to the selected product and click on the tab Get Article. There you will find all the information and prices. You can choose between four options:
Buy (FullText and/or PDF), Rent via ReadCube, KAB (buy or redeem a Karger Article Bundle) or Subscribe. In the case of Buy click Select and you will reach your cart automatically. If you have a promotional code, you can enter it here. Confirm your order with the button Next. If you are not logged in yet, you have to enter your User ID and password. As a new customer you have to register at MyKarger. Follow the instructions to finalize your order. You will receive an order confirmation with the transaction details in your mailbox. Your downloads are saved to your MyKarger account in the section MyOrders.

How can I buy a book?

Please go to the website of the selected product. Under Book Home click on the button Order this title. A new window opens in which you can choose the Digital Version or the Print Version. Click Add to cart. Now choose Continue shopping or Go to my cart. With the latter you reach the cart with your selected item(s). If you have a promotional code, you can enter it here. Confirm your order with the button Next. If you are not logged in yet, you have to enter your User ID and password. As a new customer you have to register at MyKarger. Follow the instructions to finalize your order. You will receive an order confirmation with the transaction details in your mailbox. Your digital downloads are saved to your MyKarger account in the section MyOrders. Your print orders will be sent to you by mail.

How can I get articles at a reduced price?

Karger offers low- and middle-income countries online access to journal content under the WHO's HINARI Access to Research in Health program. According to this program, eligible nations are granted free or very low cost access to research material. Please visit the HINARI website for full information on registration and access to content.

How can I order a single article, older articles or a PDF by E-Mail?

Information on availability, prices of single print issues and print or electronic back volumes can be obtained from .

How long does it take for my order to arrive?

Shipping times

 Zone  Working days
 Switzerland  2–5
 Germany  5–6
 Europe  5–8
 Europe (far)  12–25
 USA/Canada/Latin America  12–25
 Asia/far overseas  16–26


How can I change my address?

In order to change your address registered in our system, please contact .

How can I change/reset my user ID/password?

In order to change, reset, or request your current user ID and password, please contact .

How can I change/update my company’s/institution’s IP address(es)?

In order to change/update your company’s/institution’s IP address(es), please .

How/where can I extract usage statistics for my institution/company?

In order to extract counter statistics for your institution, you have to log in as an administrator first (see above). In case you do not have your admin password on hand or if you have forgotten it, please . With your login credentials you can log in as an administrator at

Please note that you have to be recognized as an active user/institution in order to access the admin section. Direct IP accounts are recognized directly if your institution is user ID and password controlled. Please log in first using your regular MyKarger login credentials.

Where can I find my subscribed content?

Once you are logged in and recognized by our website, you will find your current/active subscriptions at Also, when browsing through our website, your active subscriptions are marked with a green tick on the right-hand side.

Where can I submit link resolver images?

If you would like to implement a link resolver image, please .

Where can I submit advertisements to be placed on or in one of my publications?

You will find all the necessary information on our Advertising page.

How do I get permission to use material published by Karger?

Visit our Rights & Permissions page for further information.

How can I send a recommendation to my library or institution?

If you would like to request that your library or institution subscribe to one of our journals, please send your library recommendation through the following online form:

Can I get medical advice or a referral?

Karger Publishers is a biomedical publishing house providing medical doctors and researchers with specialty books and journals. Please understand that for legal and ethical reasons we cannot dispense medical advice, conduct medical research, or refer patients to practitioners, clinicians, or researchers.

How can I unsubscribe from the Alerts, MyKarger, Mailings etc.

Please send us an with the subject line "unsubscribe" and the service which you would like to cancel.

How can I install RSS Feeds?

Thanks to Karger RSS Feeds (Really Simple Syndication) you can always have the latest articles of your favorite journals at your fingertips.
Continuously updated, the RSS Feeds for Karger journals list the latest 20 articles which were published online and provide you with direct access to the article's abstract page and contents. Install your RSS Feed here.

I would like a trial subscription. How can I get it?

You will find the terms and conditions and contacts in case you wish to enroll in a trial subscription on our landing page.

Does Karger support text & data mining?

Yes. Text and data mining (“TDM”) for non-commercial purposes is free. If you wish to use TDM for commercial purposes, visit our Terms and Conditions page.

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