Karger Brand FAQ

Find out why Karger has changed

Karger Publishers has a new look and feel! Our new brand has officially been launched 29th, April including a new design, logo and colors. You will start seeing this new presence on our homepage, on our communications materials and gradually throughout our products and services.

Why does Karger have a different look?

Responding to major shifts in the publishing industry, Karger now focuses more than ever on its stakeholders in the health sciences, entering new fields of business, and intensifying its use of digital technologies. As a result, the Karger brand has been redefined, reflecting the latest developments as well as fitting into the digital age. This includes a completely revised visual and verbal presence.

If you would like to get more information, see our media release.

Why do you have a new claim?

Expanding into new business areas, offering innovative services and responding to today’s needs of researchers, clinicians, and patients is also expressed in Karger’s new claim “Connecting and Advancing Health Sciences.” It is about better understanding the mission, purpose, and needs of Karger’s customers, partners and employees in order to create products or services that support and inspire.

I noticed the new logo on Karger's homepage - has there been a redesign?

Staying true to Karger’s tradition of reflecting major developments in its logo, the new strategy will also come to life using a completely reworked visual and verbal brand appearance.

Why are there two different Karger logos?

Karger has just launched a redefined brand that reflects the latest developments regarding its new positioning. From this point, we will update all our communications materials as well as products and services over the upcoming months and years. In the meantime, there will be an overlap as we transition from our former logo to our new brand.

What does the new logo mean?

The figurative mark in the logo is a spark made of small ribbons that reflects both future orientation as well as Karger’s ambition to connect. The spark stands for the passion with which every project, every job, and every publication starts. With its growing range of products and services, Karger wants to support its stakeholders understanding what inspires them and to carry on their enthusiasm.

What is the meaning of the colored ribbons?

The ribbons are a design element of the new Karger look, that emphasize the connecting part of our new claim “Connecting and Advancing Health Sciences.”

Is Karger’s main color still green?

Yes, the main color of Karger is still green. The publishing house has always adapted to changing times while remaining true to itself. This mindset echoes strongly in the green that continues to be the main color but with a slight change in shade. Adding new colors like orange, yellow, light blue, and red renews Karger’s look and increases the design possibilities especially with regard to digitalization.

Will all your promotional materials change?

Yes. However, we will have a transition phase where the old and the new brand are coexisting. This gives us space and flexibility to pursue the change where it is most needed. Step by step and according to our available resources we will adapt upcoming elements to the new brand.

How does the change affect me?

Despite seeing two logos and two different brand appearances the change should not affect anyone.

Where can I get more information?

If you have more questions or feedback about the changed Karger brand, please do not hesitate to contact us:

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