Kompass Journals

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From Research to Practice

The Kompass journal series helps bridge the gap between research and practice in subject areas such as oncology, pulmonology, and dermatology. It does this through a unique process called knowledge transfer. Renowned clinical specialists in their field write critical reviews of original articles, explaining clearly why they are relevant in daily medical practice – profound, clear, competent advice that can immediately be used to guide patient care.

The knowledge transfer process holds many benefits. For healthcare professionals, it saves time otherwise spent on reading and reviewing multiple research papers. For authors and editors, it allows them to transfer their medical knowledge and become a recognized voice in their specialism. For societies, it increases awareness of what is vital in their work and increases their in-house expertise. And for the wider healthcare industry, it presents a unique way to reach engaged, local clinicians and medical practitioners.

Kompass is a fast, accurate, and trustworthy way to update healthcare professionals on the research that matters most, in a format that works for them.

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