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Subject Guide: Chromosomes

Featured Publications

Current Publications
Vol. 21, 2017 available

Genetics of Human Infertility

Editor(s): Vogt P.H. (Heidelberg) 

A broad treatise on the complex genetic causes of human infertility

Vol. 25, 2017 available

Diabetes Associated with Single Gene Defects and Chromosomal Abnormalities

Editor(s): Barbetti F. (Rome)  Ghizzoni L. (Turin)  Guaraldi F. (Turin) 

A concise but thorough review of common genetic defects

2016 available

Sex Reversal in Vertebrates

Editor(s): Pailhoux E. (Jouy-en-Josas) 

Updating the knowledge of vertebrate sex-determination

2016 available

ISCN 2016

An International System for Human Cytogenomic Nomenclature (2016)

Editor(s): McGowan-Jordan J. (Ottawa, Ont.)  Simons A. (Nijmegen)  Schmid M. (Würzburg) 

The standard reference combining ISCN and HGVS nomenclature

Vol. 20, 2016 available

Genetics of Deafness

Editor(s): Vona B. (Würzburg)  Haaf T. (Würzburg) 

Must read for current and future reference

2015 available

Xenopus Genomics

Editor(s): Evans B.J. (Hamilton, Ont.)  Schmid M. (Würzburg) 

Latest update in Xenopus biology

2015 available

Chicken Genes and Chromosomes 2015

Third Report 2015

Editor(s): Schmid M. (Würzburg)  Smith J. (Edinburgh)  Burt D.W. (Edinburgh) 

Opening insights into new technologies in avian genomics

2014 available

Organization, Dynamics and Modification of Chromatin in Plants

Editor(s): Houben A. (Gatersleben)  Naranjo T. (Madrid)  Puertas M.J. (Madrid) 

A study of diverse plant species

2014 available

New Advances in Cell-Free DNA Analysis of Maternal Blood

Editor(s): Nicolaides K. (London) 

Update in the analysis of cell-free DNA testing