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Subject Guide: Ophthalmology

Featured Publications

Current Publications
2017 available

Graves' Orbitopathy

A Multidisciplinary Approach - Questions and Answers

Editor(s): Wiersinga W.M. (Amsterdam)  Kahaly G.J. (Mainz) 

3rd, revised and expanded edition of the popular reference guide

2017 available

Edición 2017 en Español

Spanish Edition 2017

Editor(s): Arévalo J.F. (Baltimore, Md.)  Alezzandrini A. (Buenos Aires)  Quiroz-Mercado H. (Mexico City)  Roca J.A. (Lima)  Rodríguez F.J. (Bogotá) 

2017 available

ESASO Retina Academy

17th Academy, Berlin, June-July 2017: Abstracts

Editor(s): Bandello F. (Milan)  Corcóstegui B. (Barcelona)  Guarnaccia G. G. (Reggio Calabria) 

Vol. 9, 2017 available

Medical Retina

Update 2017

Editor(s): Bandello F. (Milan)  Querques G. (Milan)  Loewenstein A. (Tel Aviv) 

Recent advances in retinal disease - diagnosis and treatment

Vol. 59, 2017 available

Glaucoma Surgery

Editor(s): Bettin P. (Milan)  Khaw P.T. (London) 

An indispensable reference - revised and extended

Vol. 58, 2017 available

Macular Edema

Editor(s): Coscas G. (Créteil)  Loewenstein A. (Tel Aviv)  Cunha-Vaz J. (Coimbra)  Soubrane G. (Créteil, Paris) 

An essential update of a practical, valuable guide

Vol. 60, 2017 available

Management of Diabetic Retinopathy

Editor(s): Bandello F. (Milan)  Zarbin M.A. (Newark, N.J.)  Lattanzio R. (Milan)  Zucchiatti I. (Milan) 

A state-of-the-art evidenced-based approach to managing all aspects of diabetic retinopathy

Vol. 8, 2016 available


Editor(s): Traverso C.E. (Genoa)  Stalmans I. (Leuven)  Topouzis F. (Thessaloniki)  Bagnasco L. (Genoa) 

A practical manual - evidence and consensus based

2016 available

European Vitreoretinal Update 2016

16th Euretina Congress, Copenhagen, September 2016: Abstracts

Editor(s): Wolf S. (Bern) 

2016 available

ESASO Retina Academy

16th Academy, Estoril, June 2016: Abstracts

Editor(s): Bandello F. (Milan)  Corcóstegui B. (Barcelona)  Guarnaccia G. (Reggio Calabria)