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Subject Guide: Molecular Biology

Featured Publications

Current Publications
No Cover - coming soon
Vol. 6, 2018 in preparation

Shockwave Medicine

Editor(s): Wang C.-J. (Kaohsiung)  Schaden W. (Vienna)  Kuo J.-Y. (Kaohsiung) 

A summary of the history, principles, and future prospects of Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy

2017 available

Personalising Your Health: A Global Imperative

1st European Alliance for Personalised Medicine Congress, Belfast, November 2017

Editor(s): Horgan D. (Brussels) 

A comprehensive overview of policy

2017 available

New Advanced Biomaterials for Tissue and Organ Regeneration/Repair

Editor(s): De Bartolo L. (Rende)  Piscioneri A. (Rende) 

Overview of high performance biomaterials used to generate liver, bone, nerve, vein and heart tissue

2017 available

Transcending the Nature-Nurture Debate through Epigenetics: Are We There Yet?

Editor(s): Lickliter R. (Miami, FL)  Witherington D.C. (Albuquerque, NM) 

Conceptual potential for resolving the long-standing nature-nurture debate

Vol. 31, 2017 available

Neuroprogression in Psychiatric Disorders

Editor(s): Halaris A. (Chicago, Ill.)  Leonard B.E. (Galway) 

Improved diagnosis and treatment through better understanding

Vol. 9, 2017 available

Medical Retina

Update 2017

Editor(s): Bandello F. (Milan)  Querques G. (Milan)  Loewenstein A. (Tel Aviv) 

Recent advances in retinal disease - diagnosis and treatment

2017 available

Advances in Cancer Genomics

Editor(s): Cannizzaro L.A. (New York, N.Y.) 

Astonishing developments in molecular genetics and translational medicine

2017 available

Hypothalamic and Adipose Tissue Dysfunction: A Risky Association for Obesity

Editor(s): Spinedi E. (La Plata)  Cardinali D.P. (Buenos Aires)  Gagliardino J.J. (La Plata) 

An alternative pathogenic and therapeutic approach

Vol. 48, 2017 available

Endocrine Immunology

Editor(s): Savino W. (Rio de Janeiro)  Guaraldi F. (Turin) 

The complex endocrine-neuro-immune network condensed into one comprehensive volume

2016 available

Lymph Node Fine-Needle Cytology and Flow Cytometry in Clinical Practice

An Update

Editor(s): Zeppa P. (Salerno) 

Illustrating the use of LN FNC-FC in the diagnosis of lymphoma