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Subject Guide: Immunology

Featured Publications

Current Publications
No Cover
2017 available

New Paradigm in Gastrointestinal Cancer Treatment

1st Kindai International Symposium on Gastrointestinal Cancer (KISGIC), Osaka-Sayama, July 2017: Proceedings

Editor(s): Kudo M. (Osaka-Sayama) 

Vol. 53, 2018 available

Adverse Reactions to Biologics

Editor(s): Puig L. (Barcelona)  Gulliver W. (St. John's, NL) 

An essential reference source

2017 available

History of the Basel Institute for Immunology

Compiled and narrated by Ivan Lefkovits

Lefkovits I. (Basel) 

2017 available

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Transfusionsmedizin und Immunhämatologie (DGTI)

50. Jahrestagung, Köln, Oktober 2017: Abstracts

Editor(s): Gathof B. (Köln) 

2017 available

Bacteremia and Probiotics

Editor(s): Yamashiro Y. (Tokyo)  Nomoto K. (Tokyo) 

2017 available

Graves' Orbitopathy

A Multidisciplinary Approach - Questions and Answers

Editor(s): Wiersinga W.M. (Amsterdam)  Kahaly G.J. (Mainz) 

3rd, revised and expanded edition of the popular reference guide

Vol. 31, 2017 available

Neuroprogression in Psychiatric Disorders

Editor(s): Halaris A. (Chicago, Ill.)  Leonard B.E. (Galway) 

Improved diagnosis and treatment through better understanding

Vol. 88, 2017 available

Intestinal Microbiome: Functional Aspects in Health and Disease

88th Nestlé Nutrition Institute Workshop, Playa del Carmen, September 2016

Editor(s): Isolauri E. (Turku)  Sherman P.M. (Toronto, Ont.)  Walker W.A. (Charlestown, Mass.) 

An analysis of the effects of early microbial colonization

Vol. 190, 2017 available

Current Perspectives in Kidney Diseases

Editor(s): La Manna G. (Bologna)  Ronco C. (Vicenza) 

Focusing on hot topics in nephrology

Vol. 25, 2017 available

Diabetes Associated with Single Gene Defects and Chromosomal Abnormalities

Editor(s): Barbetti F. (Rome)  Ghizzoni L. (Turin)  Guaraldi F. (Turin) 

A concise but thorough review of common genetic defects