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Subject Guide: Public Health

Featured Publications

Current Publications
Vol. 43, 2018 in preparation

Tuberculosis and War

Lessons Learned from World War II

Editor(s): Murray J.F. (San Francisco, CA / Paris)  Loddenkemper R. (Berlin) 

Vol. 26, 2018 available

The Diabetic Foot Syndrome

Editor(s): Piaggesi A. (Pisa)  Apelqvist J. (Lund) 

Connecting the systemic pathologies and the clinical patterns

2017 available

Personalising Your Health: A Global Imperative

1st European Alliance for Personalised Medicine Congress, Belfast, November 2017

Editor(s): Horgan D. (Brussels) 

A comprehensive overview of policy

Vol. 26, 2017 available

Root Caries: From Prevalence to Therapy

Editor(s): Rocha de Olivera Carrilho M. (São Paulo) 

A timely issue increasingly affecting the oral health balance

2017 available

Cancer Genomics and Public Health

Editor(s): Malats N. (Madrid)  Katsila T. (Patras)  Patrinos G.P. (Patras) 

2017 available

The Power of Programming 2016

International Conference on Developmental Origins of Adiposity and Long-Term Health, Munich, October 2016

Editor(s): Koletzko B. (Munich) 

2017 available

Hypothalamic and Adipose Tissue Dysfunction: A Risky Association for Obesity

Editor(s): Spinedi E. (La Plata)  Cardinali D.P. (Buenos Aires)  Gagliardino J.J. (La Plata) 

An alternative pathogenic and therapeutic approach

Vol. 50, 2016 available

Itch - Management in Clinical Practice

Editor(s): Szepietowski J. (Wroclaw)  Weisshaar E. (Heidelberg) 

A clinical guide for all practitioners

2016 available

Access for All: A Personalised Approach

Editor(s): Horgan D. (Brussels)  Brand A. (Maastricht)  Satyamoorthy K. (Manipal) 

The challenges of personalised medicine integration into clinical practice and daily care

2016 available

Beyond 1,000 ppm: High Fluorides and Boosters

Conference, Boston, Mass., March 2015: Reports

Editor(s): Pretty I.A. (Manchester)  Ekstrand K.R. (Copenhagen)  Tellez M. (Philadelphia, Pa.)