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Subject Guide: Immunobiology

Featured Publications

Current Publications
Vol. 48, 2017 available

Endocrine Immunology

Editor(s): Savino W. (Rio de Janeiro)  Guaraldi F. (Turin) 

The complex endocrine-neuro-immune network condensed into one comprehensive volume

2016 available

European Thyroid Association

39th Annual Meeting, Copenhagen, September 2016: Programme and Abstracts

Editor(s): Pacini F. (Siena)  Nygaard B. (Copenhagen) 

Vol. 30, 2015 available

Pain in Psychiatric Disorders

Editor(s): Finn D.P. (Galway)  Leonard B.E. (Galway) 

State-of-the-art reviews on the complex interplay between pain and psychiatric disorders

2014 available

European Thyroid Association

38th Annual Meeting, Santiago de Compostela, September 2014: Programme and Abstracts

Editor(s): Pacini F. (Siena)  Alvarez C.V. (Santiago de Compostela) 

Vol. 77, 2013 available

The Importance of Immunonutrition

77th Nestlé Nutrition Institute Workshop, Panama, October-November 2012

Editor(s): Makrides M. (North Adelaide, S.A.)  Ochoa J.B. (Florham Park, N.J.)  Szajewska H. (Warsaw) 

A pediatric perspective