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Monographs in Virology

Editor(s): Preiser W. (Tygerberg) 

Vol. 28 , 2012 available active subscription |  

Prophylaxis and Early Detection of HPV-Related Neoplasia

Editor(s): Pfister H. (Cologne) 

Up-to-date information on HPV
Online access TOC
Vol. 27 , 2008 available active subscription |  

Avian Influenza

Editor(s): Klenk H.-D. (Marburg) 
Matrosovich M.N. (Marburg) 
Stech J. (Greifswald) 

A topical issue of increasing concern
Online access TOC
Vol. 26 , 2006 available active subscription |  

Herpes Zoster

Recent Aspects of Diagnosis and Control
Editor(s): Gross G. (Rostock) 
Doerr H.W. (Frankfurt/Main) 

State-of-the-art reviews by leading experts
Online access TOC
Vol. 25 , 2005 available active subscription |  

Models of Viral Hepatitis

Editor(s): von Weizs√§cker F. (Freiburg) 
Roggendorf M. (Essen) 

Discusses evolving methods in animal and in vitro models
Online access TOC