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Interdisciplinary Topics in Gerontology and Geriatrics

Editor(s): Fulop T. (Sherbrooke, Que.) 

Vol. 42 , 2017 available active subscription |  

HIV and Aging

Editor(s): Brennan-Ing M. (New York, N.Y.) 
DeMarco R.F. (Boston, Mass.) 

Understanding the evolving complexities of HIV in older adults
Online access TOC
Vol. 41 , 2015 available active subscription |  

Frailty in Aging

Biological, Clinical and Social Implications
Editor(s): Theou O. (Halifax, N.S.) 
Rockwood K. (Halifax, N.S.) 

Provides answers on how to face this emerging challenge
Online access TOC
Vol. 40 , 2015 available active subscription |  

Aging and Health - A Systems Biology Perspective

Editor(s): Yashin A.I. (Durham, N.C.) 
Jazwinski S.M. (New Orleans, La.) 

New knowledge on biological aging within a systems biology framework
Online access TOC
Vol. 39 , 2014 available active subscription |  


Facts and Theories
Editor(s): Robert L. (Paris) 
Fulop T. (Sherbrooke, Que.) 

A summary of theories of aging, based on experimental facts
Online access TOC

All Back Volumes

Vol. 38, 2013Cancer and Aging TOC
Vol. 37, 2010Body Composition and Aging TOC
Vol. 36, 2008Primate Reproductive Aging TOC
Vol. 35, 2007Mechanisms of Dietary Restriction in Aging and Disease TOC
Vol. 34, 2004Vision in Alzheimer's Disease TOC
Vol. 33, 2004Autonomic Nervous System in Old Age TOC
Vol. 32, 2003Aging and the Gastrointestinal Tract TOC
Vol. 31, 2002Aging in Nonhuman Primates TOC
Vol. 30, 1999Management of Aging TOC
Vol. 29, 1998Functional Endocrinology of Aging TOC
Vol. 28, 1994The Role of Proteoglycans and Glycosaminoglycans in Aging TOC
Vol. 27, 1990Centenarians in Hungary TOC
Vol. 26, 1989Innovative Trends in Psychogeriatrics TOC
Vol. 25, 1988Histology and Histopathology of the Aging Brain TOC
Vol. 24, 1988Regulation of Neuroendocrine Aging TOC
Vol. 23, 1988Biology of Normal Proliferating Cells in vitro Relevance for in vivo Aging TOC
Vol. 22, 1987Sleep, Aging and Related Disorders TOC
Vol. 21, 1985Non-Mammalian Models for Research on Aging TOC
Vol. 20, 1985Modern Approaches to the Dementias TOC
Vol. 19, 1985Modern Approaches to the Dementias TOC
Vol. 18, 1984Physiology of Cell Aging TOC
Vol. 17, 1983Social Gerontology TOC
Vol. 16, 1979Aging of the Central Nervous System TOC
Vol. 15, 1979CNS Aging and Its Neuropharmacology TOC
Vol. 14, 1978Genetics and Ageing TOC
Vol. 13, 1978Gerontological Aspects of Eye Research TOC
Vol. 12, 1978Lens Ageing and Development of Senile Cataracts TOC
Vol. 11, 1977Multidisciplinary Gerontology: A Structure for Research in Gerontology in a Developed Country TOC
Vol. 10, 1976Cellular Ageing: Concepts and Mechanisms TOC
Vol. 9, 1976Cellular Ageing: Concepts and Mechanisms TOC
Vol. 8, 1971Physical Chemistry of Aging TOC
Vol. 7, 1970The Regulatory Role of the Nervous System in Aging TOC
Vol. 6, 1970Age, Work and Automation TOC
Vol. 4, 1969Decision Making And Age TOC
Vol. 3, 1969Health and Aging of the Population TOC
Vol. 2, 1968Methodological Problems in CrossNational Studies in Aging TOC
Vol. 1, 1968Psychological Functioning in the Normal Aging and Senile Aged TOC
Vol. 5, 1966Research, Training and Practice in Clinical Medicine of Aging TOC